Cedar Cladding Samples

The one thing that has been annoying me since deciding to build was the difficulty in getting the information on the cedar cladding installed at most of Henley’s display homes. I personally feel these cladding gives the houses that little extra warmth that turns a house into a home. And not to mention it looks classy too. So, being a typical Gen-Y (instant gratification) I did a couple of Google searches and stumbled on Cedar Sales, a company that specializes in cedar cladding based in Queensland. To my surprise, Cedar Sales supplies the timber products to Henley for their display homes – go through the site and if you’ve visited as many Henley display homes as we have you’ll definitely notice that on the pictures posted on Cedar Sales’s website. The samples are as per the picture on the top left corner.

So to cut the story short, I called up their sales representative to request for some samples to be sent over and to my delight the samples were delivered the next day. I requested for samples of two models from the Castelation and Screenclad range, they are the SCE 81 × 18 and CTE 81 × 18. The SCE 81 × 18 has thicker and the CTE 81 × 18 has thinner lines. Their comparison are as per the picture on the right. Please refer to the factsheet for more details on the dimensions. Also their site has a cost calculator based on the area that requires cladding but note that the cost does not include skirtings and timber staining. We are at the moment thinking of going for  CTE 81 × 18 as it gives a more sophisticated look compared to its cousin. Also, there’s the CTE 81 × 26 where it has deeper grooves, this may present a cleaning challenge and hence we have decided against it. All the display homes at Henley uses CTE 81 × 26 – at least that’s what we have noticed.

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