First Visit to Cosham Interiors

We went to Cosham interiors information session for the first time on 12th August without knowing what to expect except knowing that we’ll have to go there with an open mind. The first thing that hit us was the plethora of choices one is presented with.

The session is hosted by an assistant interior desinger. They would first cover the choices on exterior selections such as bricks, roof tiles and garage door followed by flooring, tiling, laminate color, benchtop color options for the interior of the house.

At the end of the day we manage to narrow down the color theme to our house which would mostly be colors from the “Chocolate” scheme. We have currently decided that we like the darker Manhattan Venus Chocolate laminated timder look flooring and tiles to the laundry.

Despite spending close to 4 hours at Cosham we walked away with more doubts than certainty on the color scheme for the house. we decided that at this point more work has to be done prior to the final color appointment estimated to be about 3 weeks from now.

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