Provisional Sales Quotation

Now that we have picked out the house, the next step is to pick out the essential upgrades on top of the base design to the house. Most of them at this stage are picked based on the functionality of the house such as cooling and heating systems, lighting, etc…

Below lists out the items we have picked that is part of the provisional building quote – there are quite a few upgrades that are picked based on aesthetics though

  1. Bel Air facade – the reason we chose this is the feature stack stone to the front and the timber windows to the master bedroom and en-suite bathroom
  2. Part render with mouldings and stack stone to Pier
  3. Designer Collection Flooring Pack – Timber look flooring and category 1 carpet and underlay
  4. 24(h) × 30(w) Bifold doors to Alfresco – we might be changing this to 21(h)
  5. Grand Alfresco
  6. 1 × Double stained Windsor 21 internal doors with clear glass to Theatre
  7. 5 × Single stained Windsor 21 internal doors with clear glass to en-suite WC, butler’s pantry, laundry and master bedroom entry
  8. Evaporative cooling
  9. 5 pot drawers to kitchen
  10. Increase thickness of kitchen’s island caesar stone benchtop from 20 mm to 40 mm
  11. Luxury electrical package with LED outlets to improve energy rating

The upgrades to follow are the ones presented at color appointment with Cosham Interiors which would be the next step prior to the Tender Stage.

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