Design Queries 1

We had tons of questions following our first visit to the display homes at Point Cook, Clyde North and Cranbourne. The below were the first set of questions we e-mailed our sales consultant, as you can see we were pretty paranoid due to the overwhelming information we were given after the visit. You’ll notice that the answers to some of the questions are pretty obvious but we decided to ask anyway just to double confirm. We’d prefer to be safe than sorry later on when it is all built. I’m sure there will be more questions to come as we get into the details of the planning stage – I have a feeling most of them would be structural – we hope that they wouldn’t be overly pricey, till then stay tuned.

Alfresco & Porch

  1. We noticed the 993 and Lux Q2s have slightly different layouts, can the grand alfresco of the Lux be built similar to that of the 993? and how much would the difference in cost be?
  2. Based on our conversation, I understand that clients are advised to have their decking done with an external contractor, I was wondering if this is the same on the timber ceilings to the alfresco and porch?
  3. If the timber ceiling to the alfresco and porch were to be done with an external contractor would Henley be able to recommend?
  4. In order for the timber ceiling to be installed would it be possible to have the external contractors carry out the work while the construction of the home is going on?
  5. Are the columns to the grand alfresco rendered of are they just pieces of wood?

The sole reason we are choosing Henley is because of these timber features that we are unable to find in other builders. If there is anyway these can be incorporated (along with cost estimates) it would be really appreciated.

Spa Option

  1. We are trying to figure out what the Spa option includes, it has a shaded area in the plan but does that mean it has different tiling to the rest of the bathroom. There are no structural changes observed.

Display Cabinetry

  1. We are interested in the dark display cabinetry of the Lexington 993 Q1 at Point Cook and the cost estimate is about $7000, we were wondering if this is the cost of the shelves and cabinets alone or is there structural work needed to put these in? 
  2. Can the timber stain of the cabinetry be changed?

Freestanding Bath to En-suite

  1. We’re interested in the bigger stand alone bath – is there only one option of the bath tub design to choose from?
  2. We noticed that the free standing bath alone costs a little over $2000 but we’re able to source for bath tubs of other designs externally – if there are limited options to “question 1” can we purchase a bath tub of our own and install it while the house is being built?
  3. In addition to “Question 2” would there be a credit given if the bathtub were to be removed from the master plan design? If so, how much?

Door Options

  1. In “Door Option 5B” which is the 24(h) x 30 (w) bifold doors to the alfresco / rear porch, are there different stains to the timber?
  2. We’re interested in getting the timber doors with glass for the Butler’s Pantry, Entrance to the Laundry Room, WC, Dressing Room, Theatre and Master Bedroom. However for the master bedroom and WC can the glass be frosted?
  3. In reference to “Question 2” we are unable to find out the cost for each of the doors in the list, would you be able to provide us with the cost of each door (clear and frosted glass options)


  1. We’re interested in the “Desert Red” stain on the laminated timber flooring – can we find out the hardness rating of the flooring?
  2. If we go for the timber flooring option is the price set at $7500 when it’s applied to the Dining, Living, Kitchen, Butler’s Pantry and the corridor to bedrooms 2, 3 and 4.
  3. And can we assume carpets to the Theatre, Study, Dressing, Master Bedroom and Bedrooms 2, 3 and 4 are included?

Electrical Upgrades

  1. We’re interested in the luxury electrical upgrade package – can the master en-suite be fitted with down-lights? If yes, how much additional cost would be incurred?
  2. Can the lighting to the alfresco and porch be down-lights like the ones on display
  3. In the “Make Your Home Green” LED down-lights section, is the price quoted for a specific number of points or does the upgrade cover the entire electrical package?


  1. We have chosen the Bel Air facade with the stacked stones option – however we prefer to have the stacked stones on only one of the columns. Can this be done?
  2. Is there an additional cost to the stack stones as I couldn’t find it in the document

Wall Paint

  1. Would it be possible to choose two color schemes for the walls to the interior to the house (eg. 1 Wall with beige and the other with a darker tint)?
  2. In reference to “Question 1” if this is not included is there additional cost to have this done?
  3. Also would it be possible to provide us with the information on wall paint color codes, timber flooring type, tiles color code, carpet color code and both timber window and door stains to both the Lexington 993 Q1 at Point Cook and Lexington Lux Q1 at Clyde North


  1. Can the windows to the living room be changed to two longer timber windows that extend up from the floor to the current height of the windows in the base design?
  2. If yes to “Question 1” what would the cost be for this?
  3. What is the cost of changing all windows (except the 2nd Bathroom, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Bedrooms) to timber framed windows?
  4. If we were to look at turning the windows to the study to sliding timber doors how much would that cost? Can the cost be transferred from the exit to rear porch?

Green Home Packages

  1. We realize that some of the packages has very specific call outs to specific home – does that mean that only certain home designs are eligible for these upgrades?

Butlers Pantry

  1. Can all the shelves be laminated with a specific stain? What’s the additional cost to this?


  1. If we were top go for the mix and match option 3 how would the wall ovens be fitted?

Other Questions

  1. Are there any gables to the structure that are visible outside the house? Or is the roofing laid on a flat structural layout
  2. We are thinking of installing timber ceilings to the ceilings of the entrance space next to the master bedroom. Can this be done?

Other Additions

Would Henley be able to provide quotes on the following if possible?

  1. Burglar alarm system
  2. Doorbell
  3. Fencing

Please fell free to comment or provide any advice.

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2 Responses to Design Queries 1

  1. Kristine says:

    Hi mic woo, I’m so happy to find your blog as we too are about to build the Lexington lux at a northern suburb in melbourne. I too have the same question about the cabinet to the dressing which is currently costed at around 6k. What reply did you get from Henley and did you get this cabinet option?

    I also like your colour selections. Thanks for sharing!

    • AWBL1982 says:

      Hi Kristine!

      Thanks for checking our blog out and we’re happy to hear that you’re finding it useful – we went through multiple blogs before deciding to build as well. The Lexington is an awesome house, can’t find any other houses with Henley that we really like.

      We did not go for the wardrobe fit option in the end as we think it’s a little pricey. Besides we are only thinking of have two walls with shelves and cabinets and leave one wall for a mirror, a chair, side table and a lamp. This, we feel, increases the functionality of the room but if you have a lot of clothes then I guess fitting shelves on all three walls will make sense. We did ask the question as to why it’s 6K all they got back to us was that that’s the price quoted by their supplier.

      We are going to the home expo in May just to check out the suppliers that would do fit outs and request for quotes – hopefully it’ll be much cheaper.

      Oh and btw, we have the shelves removed from our tender.

      Hope that helps

      A & J

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