Feedback & Suggestions 1

I was a little surprised to be getting a call from Henley on a saturday (September 22nd, 2012) and a million thoughts were going through my head trying to figure out what the call would be about. Nothing major, just feedback to the process so far since deciding to build with them. This is apparently the first call and there will be a few more to come, anyways, the feedback are as below:

How’s the overall experience?

  • Things are good so far, most of my questions and concerns get addressed promptly and if not within 72 hours. Of course having said that I’m sure there will be, at some stage that some of these concerns would have to be addressed by the hour. I guess we’ll see

Why did you choose to build with Henley Properties?

  • The reasons are in the following order;
    1. Design – I personally like timber features to homes (cladding, timber posts, decking, etc…) and Henley for the longest period of time has always incorporated these into their designs and not to mention the warmth you get from visiting the display homes (mostly point cook)
    2. Costs – This is probably only applicable with the current promotion as Henley slashed $30,000 off single storey and $40,000 off double storey homes. If it wasn’t for this they are almost on par with the cost to build a home along with other well established builders
    3. Customer Service – I’ve had great customer service experience so far, the sales consultant has always been prompt in getting back to us in our concerns and honest if giving practical feedback on the things that we want included as part of the house

Are there any feedback or suggestions that you might have?

  • The only one I have is on the planning stage process. I personally think it would be really helpful for potential clients to get a full package specific to their product (Size, Facade, etc…) at the beginning of the process so that they’ll have a complete set of standard information on costs and the different stages of the process. I had to mail the customer service administrator a couple of times to understand where the Electrical part comes in as we’re thinking of adding a TV point and moving power outlets around the the house. We were only briefed on color selection, tender stage and contract stage.

Those are all the feedback and suggestions I have and from reading the reviews and blogs online on Henley Properties, it does sound that they have come a long way to where they are today and at this point it is safe to say that I’m glad we’re building with them.

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