Initial Lexington Lux Q2 Schematics

The schematics of the Lexington Lux Q2 in section “Lexington Lux” of the blog features the base facade to the house, manage to obtain a copy that is specific to our facade – the Bel Air. There are a couple of reasons this facade was chosen over others:

  1. The stack stone to the pier is just the right size and doesn’t overwhelm the other features of the house
  2. The timber awning windows to the master bedroom and the L shaped windows to the master ensuite bathroom
  3. The cedar cladding on the porch
  4. Color scheme and the versatility of either rendering or leaving both sides of the house as bricks

The below photo gives an idea of how the facade would potentially look like:

As for the schematics (gotta love schematics), it is as below – I’m requesting for 1 structural change which is to have the front door moved to the left and have 1 large full length window (as per above photo). You’ll notice that in the base design of this facade the door is in placed in the middle of two smaller windows.

One week till color selection and we’re getting more and more excited with each passing day. We’ll keep you guys posted and wish us luck! Oh and we replaced the ceiling light to our bedroom and it now feels like I’m on the operating table whenever I lay on the bed and when I enter the room the light is like “Bam!! in your face!!” – Jeff however, loves it – Oh boy, color selection is going to be both exciting and interesting with our monumental differences in ideas. I’ll report back once it’s done and I have a good feeling I’ll win in most of the choices, Muahaha!

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2 Responses to Initial Lexington Lux Q2 Schematics

  1. Leanne says:

    Hi there, I have read your blog with interest – we are also going to build the Q2 in southeast Melbourne. We are behind you – we have paid initial deposit to lock in the promotion but our land does not title until next month. It’s a great house, good luck with your journey!

    • micwoo7982 says:

      Hi Leanne

      Thanks for checking the blog out and congrats on building as well. I can’t wait for the process to start and we’re just waiting for the color appointment. Stay tuned for more updates…:-)

      Till then keep in touch


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