Laundry List of Change 1

I have been running through the list of changes not included as part as our initial quote all afternoon today and manage to get a lot of stuff done at work too. My productivity stars must have aligned pretty well. Anyways, I thought I should share the changes that we have requested so far:

  1. Structural changes to move front door to the left while combining two of the side windows to become one big window to the right. More details in my earlier post “Initial Lexington Lux Q2 Schematics
  2. Requested to have the SHS posts to the grand alfresco bricked up instead of leaving them as they are. Please refer to the structural schematics for an idea of where the SHS posts are located
  3. Remove the cabinetry in the WIR to the master en-suite. The plan is to fit only two out of the three walls with the cabinetry and put a mirror on the other wall
  4. We opted for the part render to the facade however planning to leave a part of it not rendered – sort of like a partial part render. I made a little side note to the schematics and sent it to the customer service administrator to include in our file to be finalized for tender. The section highlighted in yellow is where the render will be removed. the schematics is as below:

Now, part of taking the render out is sort of an experiment to reduce the cost of building – whatever we can do ourselves we’ll try our best to do it later after handover.

Therefore the idea here is to later on apply Dulux’s Full Cover Texture Roll On which is a flexible acrylic texture that produces a flattened render finish. We went to Bunnings Warehouse in Port Melbourne to get an idea on how the texture would look and feel like. To our surprise it feels and look like actual render for a fraction of the cost. We’re potentially looking at savings of up to 60%. I took photo (to the right) of the Medium and Full Texture Cover and they look similar. The only difference is when you look at them up close and feel them – the medium texture just looks and feel smoother. At this point, without knowing how the render of the porch feels and looks like, we are only at the planning state to have this done. Both of them cost the same therefore we will make a decision post handover.

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