Bricks Bricks Bricks!!!

So the agonizing wait has started. It would be another 3 weeks before we get to see the official contract. I’ll be expecting terms like “if you’re late in doing this, you’ll pay us, if you damage anything, you’ll pay us, if you delay anything, you’ll pay us” in the contract and all that runs through my mind right now is you’ll pay us, you’ll pay us, you’ll pays us – maybe I’m being a little paranoid.

Anyways, since I’m bored as well from waiting I thought it would be a good idea to pay Austral’s Brick Display Studio a visit in Richmond. There’s a nice selection there and much more diverse than the ones available at Cosham interiors, plus I got to see our selection in a much larger scale to get a sense of how it would actually look like. So, as I entered the studio I was greeted but these brick pillars (picture on right) and needless to say each of them are constructed with bricks of different designs and category. There’s also masonry stones but they are way over our budget and of course that includes bricks from Daniel Robertson. – which according to the sales rep “A statement of luxury”. Apparently they are the “Show off” bricks for any home and if that’s the case I would rather have them as feature bricks inside the house than the exterior. They will have to wait for now.

I also took a picture of our bricks up close with warm light in the studio – looks pretty awesome. While I was there the sales rep asked if I want to look at brick samples from similar range and colour so I thought why not. That of course included bricks from the Urban range which included the Latte – that was the original selection but later realized that chestnut looked more elegant that would suit the colors of the feature render and merbau stained timber doors and windows. The picture is at an odd angle but I think it was able to capture both its color (under the influence of the studio and natural light) and due to the proximity, its texture.

Ok, still bored, what should I do next – door handles?

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