Laundry List of Change 2

Alright, since tender is done I thought I should update the changes following my post on “Laundry List of Change 1“. First and foremost, the idea was to have the render to the front of the house (specifically the master bedroom) removed – Henley quoted that it would reduce the cost by only $120. Yep, you guesssed it – we decided to leave that in. The picture below was the initial idea of it.

Anyways, below is a list of the other things that were changed and are now finalized:

  1. The idea was to incorporate full height awning windows to the lounge, study and master en-suite – this has now been removed and reverted back to the standard windows with transoms
  2. After looking at the measurements on the initial siting (I’ll post the finalized siting when it’s sent to me), there’s very little space between the grand alfresco and the fence, we decided to remove this option to give it a more spacious look
  3. Due to the fall of the land we were charged with extra labor, bricks and mortar – this has been reduced as we are removing the grand alfresco option
  4. The alarm system was also removed as it is not pet friendly – would not want the cat and dog setting the alarm off every 5 minutes

The two things that took us by surprise during the tender was the additional costs related to the recycled water system connection and 450 mm eaves requirements by the estate – I was not even aware that the eaves are not included. I personally find it weird that builders do not included eaves in their base cost and design. we decided that we can live with the extra costs so on to the contract stage!

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2 Responses to Laundry List of Change 2

  1. R says:

    Builders are dirty rats. Don’t trust them!

    • AWBL1982 says:

      I guess they can be but I also think that the consumer should pay close attention to the work they are doing (being detailed really helps and being OCD even better! although I think the latter just stresses out too much) – can’t really rely on them doing a tip top job all the time but hey, I guess not everyone agrees.

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