Post Contract Variations

application_denied_stampGot a call from Henley and received some bad news – our developer (Australand) has knocked back two minor items on our application for their approval to build. They are listed and explained in detail below;

  1. Due to the estate requirements of having 450mm eaves to the entire house, it was estimated that there isn’t sufficient natural light to the study and living room as the opening for light to hit is narrower than the required 1m. The house has to be moved 230mm to the right however the garage was extended by 230mm as the side wall has to be either 0mm, 150mm or 1000mm – kinda odd but we manage to get Henley to charge at cost price due to the late change.
  2. The second issue was the pitch of the roof which is a standard 22.5 degrees. This has to be reduced to 20 degrees and we were informed on the day before the Henley office closed for the Christmas holidays. We have asked for a credit back on this and will only hear back from them in the week of January 7th, 2013. Starting to get a little impatient but oh well.

So those are the latest changes. We also received the post contract variations to changes that we made at contract presentation. The changes are pretty minor but I know if they are not changed or fixed they will drive me nuts when we move in. We have requested for the tile skirting to the wet areas to have the same height as the double pencil skirting around the house – we’re still waiting to hear back from them to have this fixed in the post contract variations. Fingers crossed.

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