Shiny Kettles

Unknown-1Soooo the story was that I destroyed my housemate’s kettle (don’t ask how I did it) and had to buy him a new one, but it wasn’t just any kettle, it was the Alessi 9093 kettle with a black whistling bird (picture on top left hand corner). I’m not a good user of stove kettles although they do add a bit a flair to a kitchen. I decided to look for it online and found a great website for designer wares at Royal Design. The price of goods there are pretty reasonable considering Myer was selling the exact same kettle for $275 versus $152 – that’s a whopping $123 difference. Yeah, crazy right? So I ordered him one but IUnknown would qualify for free shipping if I spend over $200 (I’m sure you already know where this is heading) and yes, to my own delight / demise I browsed for an Alessi kettle of my own. I ended up with the electric kettle (picture on right) – I guess it wouldn’t hurt adding a bit of style to my electrical appliances. Next on my list would be the Voile Spaghetti Measure – trying hard not to overspend and I think I’m doing a good job although I am making note on the things that we both want when the house is completed but pacing ourselves to ensure that the important things like blinds, washing machine, refrigerator, etc… are purchased first before anything else.

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One Response to Shiny Kettles

  1. Ray says:

    take it from me: one can never have enough beautiful things!

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