We’re Almost There

Had a minor issue with the bank as I had funds in the wrong account – so they had to delay the settlement date by a week. It’s all done now and what a big relief, the loan account is now being setup and will be visible in 48 hours.

Now, the main update is on the progress of the build – got a call from our nominated site supervisor (Dan) and site works commences on 1st February 2013. I’m now trying to find a good time to meet him in person but he’s pretty busy running around between sites. We’ll head over to the site anyway this Friday to take a peep the result of the scrape. Can’t wait – it’s a big week at work as well so I’m sure Friday will come very soon.


We decided to head over to the land last Saturday to take a final look (pic above) before most of it is dug up for the slab – found a couple of pieces of garbage but we think it’ of no concern – just empty bottles and 1 brick. Cool photo huh! – took with the iPhone 5’s panoramic feature. All the boundary pegs are in place as well so we’re not expecting to get charged for another boundary survey. It’s all very exciting and can’t wait for it to start.

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