Day 001: We Are Scraped!

It was a super busy day at work today and by super busy I mean, monumentally busy. I was glued to my chair for the entire day sorting out issue after issue – Murphy’s law strikes again… doh! Anyways, I was suppose to call Dan (SS) today and as you can probably tell, I did not – just did not have the time. I got like 5 calls every time I tried to pick up the phone to call someone. It was insane. Ok, enough ranting. We decided to visit the site anyways in hopes that it has been scraped.

Wait for it…

And YES! It has begun – the site is now scraped and to our surprise the dirt was piled and positioned to the shape of the house. The panoramic view below was taken from the back of the house – the right is the theatre and the left is the bathroom and bedroom 4. The “nook” is the alfresco where we will be installing decking at a later stage after handover.


We are now wondering if the shape will hold out on the forecasted crazy weather ahead. Dirt was sort of falling off the sides when we inspected every inch of it (OCD much?). There’s also tons of blue spray paint all over the boundaries and to the front of the site but we still couldn’t figure out where the frontage of the house starts. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I was told that the slab stage is expected to complete by mid February 2013 and generally concrete curing takes about a week, which means slabs would be all done by end next week. Hazza! I took another couple of photos from a few different angles below. We’re extremely excited and can’t wait to visit the site again after the slab is down.

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One Response to Day 001: We Are Scraped!

  1. Lea Campbell says:

    The company I work for lays the concrete slabs for many houses built in Victoria. However, I don’t think we are doing yours Jeffrey……

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