Alfredo and Eva AquaStar

Long story short, I went to the city on Valentine’s day and met Eva AquaStar at David Jones on Bourke Street – she’s stylish, beautiful and sophisticated to the touch. Always carries herself so well maintaining her figure even after sipping 2 liters of water. Self proclaimed minimalist and maintains her composure as she feels she is always on display – hence the attention seeking silver sheet necklace that she constantly wears. She is indeed a sight for sore eyes at any time of the day, even when carrying out chores, especially when she waters the plants around the apartment – oh, I forgot to mention – I brought her home.

Not long after however, I bumped into Alfredo – at David Jones as well. I’m beginning to really like hanging out there. Delicate yet sturdy, elegant yet peculiar, he wears this beautifully carved oak hat that reminds me of the “Gasing“. Unlike any other, he has curves that would make any woman jealous yet retains his masculinity. The sight of him made my knees weak and feel like a million monarch butterflies fluttering restlessly in my stomach. I knew when we first met, my impulses were telling me to take him home and enjoy the sight of him every night before bed. So, I did.

I’m forever grateful to Eva Solo for the AquaStar watering can and Alfredo Häberli for bringing us the Georg Jensen’s Alfredo Carafe. Tak så meget and Gacias!

Yep they are homewares, what were you thinking?

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