Day 048: Wraps… Yum!

IMG_1780The more I look at the insulation wraps around the frames the more I’m starting to wonder if the smurfs have anything to do with the lock-up process. There’s just a little more to be done with the insulation wrapping then bricks (delivered on site yay!) go up tomorrow, we’re estimating about a week for it to get done. The alfresco bi-folds door are up too and they look awesome although for a  moment back there I was doubting if I should have opted for the taller doors – the ones we chose are about 2.1 meters and there’s an option for 2.4 meters. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll learn to live and like it once the rest if the internals are completed. With the roof tiles up I guess it’s full steam ahead with no delays – even if there’s torrential rain. More photos below and enjoy.IMG_1792


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