Day 063: Lock Up!

IMG_1839For the most part, this has been a dream and pensive is probably not the best word to describe my current state. I think it’s somewhere in between that and reflective. As the loan drawdowns get larger, reality is beginning to set in very quickly. As much as this is a dream it is also very much a responsibility, a responsibility that we are more than happy to have and make the best out of. According to various sources (Mom & dad, friends, neighbors) the first year of owning a home is probably the hardest as we are moving out of our “renting” comfort zone where liability is minimal. My mom however – a wise woman indeed – always said that owning your very first home is a guaranteed way of turning liability into an asset. This is almost in line with Russell Sage‘s real estate quote:

“Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever increasing in value. It is the most solid security that human ingenuity has devised. It is the basis of all security and about the only indestructible security.”

That aside, we have reached the lock up stage of the build although there are some minor bricking to be completed above the alfresco bi-fold doors. Architraves are in and I’m assuming that the skirting would be done today or tomorrow. We are meeting Dan (SS) tomorrow and the below are the key points we’ll be discussing as part of our own little pre-PCI.

  1. There is significant sag to the gutter and fascia right below the garage door that leads to the rear. Dan has indicated that this will be fixed but we will just need to confirm the timeline on the rectification of this
  2. There are gaps at the bottom of all the windows where I’m able to stick my finger in. Just need to know that this will be sealed
  3. There is a gap where the insulation and moisture barrier wraps are still visible above the alfresco bi-fold doors. This should be bricked and not painted timber
  4. The windows that wrap around the master en-suite look like there is still work to be done where the corner has the insulation and moisture barrier wraps exposed – this should be concealed with Merbau stained timber, not bricks
  5. The french doors to the theatre room looks like they are more than 2.3 meters but according to the tender it is suppose to be the standard 2.04 meters. The alfresco bi-fold doors is to be the highest of all doors as it will be the focal point of the house – Simply will not accept this as the french doors will dwarf the bi-folds if they were taller
  6. We noticed different bricks were used at the bottom of the entrance door and part of the retaining wall – they are red and have a different texture to the ones we selected. Not a concern if they are going to be rendered but would at least like to know why. Will not accept any deviations without a satisfactory explanation
  7. This is more of a reminder than anything else, tiling will go in next week and need to remind Dan that the height of the tile skirting has to be the same as the timber skirting
  8. We noticed that walls that are going to be rendered have flushed mortar and the ones that are not are rolled. The facade we chose is part rendered and this includes the porch, master bedroom and feature column. Judging from the mortar pattern it looks like the wall on the garage side will only be half rendered – this is going to look really weird. This needs to be clarified and fixed as soon as possible

Will report back as soon as we get our concerns clarified and hopefully they are not major issues. We are getting our fingers and toes crossed.

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