Follow Ups and Color Schemes

IMG_1832There will be two parts to this post the first being the follow up from yesterday’s update “This is not a Dream ” and second Color schemes. The latter is probably more exciting but I’ll get the former out of the way first. We met up with Dan (SS) today as scheduled and there are a couple of tradesmen setting up scaffoldings around the house, presumably they are going to start work on installing / plastering the eaves in. J thinks they are just making a lot of noise and not doing any work. There was a lot of noise but I was more concerned on going through the defects list and being annoyingly anal about everything. Anyways, the below is the outcome from today’s site visit.

  1. Sag to the gutter and fascia below the garage door will be fixed before the plastering of the eaves take place
  2. There are gaps at the bottom of all the windows are normal This is part of the national building standard for all houses, must have a 10 mm gap
  3. The gap where the insulation and moisture barrier wraps are still visible above the alfresco bi-fold doors will be covered with a timber sheet with the same stain
  4. The windows that wrap around the master en-suite will be concealed with Merbau stained timber, not bricks
  5. The height of the french doors to the theatre room are standard 2.04 meters, the framers missed out that part. This will be fixed
  6. Different bricks were used at the bottom of the entrance door and part of the retaining wall. Entrance will be rendered so not much of an issue but the retaining wall will be if it left exposed. Dan will follow up and if needed the wall will be re-bricked
  7. Dan will schedule a meeting with J to go through the tile skirting height with the tilers when they are on-site late next week
  8. The wall on the garage side will be 3/4 rendered – the mortar is rolled at the moment but will be filled when the render work is carried out

Also to our surprise the cabinets are all in. The only thing remaining to complete them is for the caesar stone benches to go on them. They look awesome already but we did not manage to take any photos as we wanted to maximize our time with Dan to get things fixed before it is too late. I already noticed some of the cabinets are scratched and not properly installed – a few misalignments basically. Dan said that these can be fixed after the PCI inspection. Just have a feeling I’ll be so anal that day I’ll blow up. I guess I’ll have to park that aside for the next few weeks.

Now, on to the second part of our day. We were bored so decided to visit Henley’s display home center in Clyde North – the intention was to re-visit the color schemes that we have in our head. Manage to take a few pictures of the color scheme that we like and they are in the gallery below.

Most of the colors are pretty much from the Chocolate / Brown / Beige scheme. Just to finalize the colors we laid out all the color palettes we took from Bunnings Warehouse over the past couple of months along with the preliminary color of our chosen fabric to the blinds. OurIMG_1851 blinds supplier will conduct a final site visit to go through the colors again to ensure they match the base and feature walls. We have decided to go with the Arava color scheme which consist of Arava, Warm Neutral and Deep Bamboo. The idea at the moment is to paint the lounge, kitchen and butler’s pantry Deep Bamboo. Arava to the study and theatre room. We have also chosen Brazilian Bean from the Dulux Suede paint range where it gives a slight textured finished. The Brazilian Bean has a significant red tinge to it but this color very closely matches the tiles in the master en-suite. Therefore we will be painting feature walls to the master bedroom and master en-suite with patterns the same direction as the tiles. Of course having said that we are open to what the painter has to say on our color choices.

It is starting to feel time is dragging but it’s only been two months so in retrospect it has gone up pretty quickly. I guess I’m just growing more impatient as the days go by – Just can’t wait to move in.

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One Response to Follow Ups and Color Schemes

  1. Ray says:

    How very exciting! It’s gone up incredibly quickly. Well done guys.

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