Day 072: Rendered & Panelled!

IMG_1869Hey guys, this is J (My first post)… be kind… So, I made the trip to the house on Friday on my own as I am still on holidays. Many of our concerns had already been fixed which is great, such as the crooked guttering at the back of the garage. Although I noticed that some of the bricks to the garage were not quite right. The update with the use of incorrect bricks on the retaining wall is that they will knock it down and rebuild it. They are also going to throw in a little extra rendering work to cover the brickwork to the garage completely on the entry side. We then went together the next day, as A hates missing out. The sun was out and the house looked spectacular. It is really starting to look like a house, and the facade is taking shape. The front has had its first coat of render applied, the cedar panels to the entry have been installed and the scaffolding around the roof has been removed, giving us unrestricted view of our tiles. The front entry door was left open so we obviously went inside. Like there was a chance we wouldn’t. Right. All the plastering is completed, including the fixing of the Theatre entry and the move of the En-suite walk in robe door. Bases for the showers are in and waterproofing completed. Skirting and Cornices are almost complete, and the wet area tiles are there ready to be laid, which will happen this week. YAY. And the most exciting thing is we have an approximate hand over timeframe – 8 weeks to go… maybe.

Anyways… have a squizz through the latest photos.

Cheers – J

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One Response to Day 072: Rendered & Panelled!

  1. Very exciting. It’s looking good. I love all the doors.

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