Fridge, Freezer and Couch

So, it’s been a week since visiting the site, and since Thursday was a public holiday, our Site Supervisor was unable to meet us. So no house pics this week. 😦

We did however, do some shopping. Woohoo!

We have finally purchased our Fridge/Freezer from Harvey Norman. The Samsung SRS600NLS. They’re even going to hold onto it until we move in. Even better huh. Below is a pic of the fridge. And also the Landmark couch we bought from Freedom a couple if months ago. Again, they’ll hold it till we move.

There are lots of other things stored in our current house which have been purchased along the way a still in their boxes. It’ll be like Xmas in July when we move and unpack everything.



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One Response to Fridge, Freezer and Couch

  1. Someone else who likes to fill the voids in building process with shopping! Very nice couch.

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