Day 090: Stained & Stoned

So, as usual, J went to meet our SS Dan. We had a massive list of things that we needed to make sure would be fixed. Otherwise, it’ll drive us mad thinking about them. The list (which was saved on the iPhone, to the dismay of the Dan) and responses are as follows:

1. The ensuite toilet door frame has an additional piece of wood to the top. Which we were unsure of why, as it didn’t match the WIR frame. Dan says that is a requirement due to the frame and door being only 720mm. The door itself isn’t hinged in the traditional way, it is a door that can be lifted off the hinge, should anyone get stuck in there. We have since asked Dan to add to the WIR frame so that both look the same.

2. The guttering behind the Garage had appeared to have fallen again, as there was a noticeable slant. Dan said that there does need to be a slight slant, to guide water in the correct direction, but that he would look into that for us.

3. Dinting in the cornices in all bedrooms. Dan says this is quite normal during the process and would be fixed during the final 4 week prior to our Pre Completion Inspection.

4. The laundry door has an unusual staining occurrence caused by the handle, which looks rather rusted. Eventhough the door has been stained in our merbau selection, the rust stain is still noticeable. Dan has said he would need to see what can be done, most likely a new door will be installed.

5. Sealing below and next to timber windows and timber bi-fold doors is inadequate. Sections of the house wrapping can still be seen. Dan again said these are generally fixed during the final 4 weeks.

6. The base for the Hot Water System has been chipped. This will be fixed.

7. There has been a downpipe installed very close to a light electrical point, which basically renders it useless as no light will fit, and it would detract from the overall aesthetic. We asked Dan if we could remove that light option. He would look into it, but didn’t see why not.

8. Window Alignment to the study was way off, either that or it was shoddy brickwork. The gap at the bottom of the window to the brickwork increases from one edge to the other. Dan has said he will need to get the brickies in to figure out how to fix it. (I would suggest they remove those bricks and redo that section.)

9. We noticed after the render had been completed that there was an expansion point next to the door frame which had been sealed, but was very ugly. Dan has mentioned that they will render over that part to give it an even look.

10. Missing power switch in study. Dan says easily fixed. That we already thought but best to have it pointed out earlier rather than at the end.

The tradie that was installing our stackstone pier was there as well. Inside, the tilers were busy laying the rest of the tiles in the bathroom, ensuite and laundry. The painting had already concluded.

No photos were taken as there really wasn’t much different.

So, knowing that the stackstones were being installed, J insisted (He’s way excited, as am i) we go again the next afternoon to see how they looked. We were literally less than 5 minutes from the house and torrential rain started pouring. Luckily, it didn’t last too long.

The stackstone pier, LOOKS AMAZING. It completely finishes the external look of the house. As everything is locked, we had to peek through windows to see things. It looked like the tilers had finished, all that was left was the grouting.

We also noticed that the staining to the timber windows, entry and bi-folds was done. And it looked very very sexy.

We didn’t stay too long as it was rather muddy and wet and cold. Again, no good photos due to it being a bit dark. We will be going over the weekend, so expect a big photo update soon.

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6 Responses to Day 090: Stained & Stoned

  1. Ray says:

    Great update. I feel as though I’m there.

  2. I’m looking forward to a pic of the stackstone pier, whatever that might be!

    • AWBL1982 says:

      Posted a pic with the stackstone pier… :-D… capping on it is a bit off so we have brought it up with Dan (SS). We also went back to the display home with the same facade to take some pictures as proof that the capping is not what it is suppose to be. Fingers crossed!

  3. Kristine says:


    Looking great! I’m also building a Lexington and I’m a bit curious about the item 7, downpipe near a light electrical point. I could not see any lights beside the downpipe in our preliminary drawings. Do you have a picture? Thanks!

    • AWBL1982 says:

      Hi Kristine

      Thanks for visiting the blog and really good to hear you’re building the same house – more and more Lexington lovers out there. We do not have a picture at this point but will probably take one in the next coming few weeks. We upgraded our electrical to the luxury package and that could be the reason why we have additional lights around the house. I’m more than happy to have a look at your plans for you if you wish… 🙂

      Good luck!!!

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