Day 099: Grouted, Heated, Tapped & Electrified

IMG_1927Today was a massive day. I went to meet up with Dan (SS), we’ve kinda made 9:00 am Fridays a habit. But this might be the last mini inspection I do before our Pre Completion Inspection check, which is tentatively slated for May 25th. YAY!!! Also as promised here’s a picture of the stack stone column to the facade. Looking awesome – can’t wait to landscape to tie it all together. Anyways, today we went over the concerns we had from the previous visit. Most of which are listed in the previous post. I then got too marvel at the additions to the house.

All the tapware (Internal and external) are installed, shower heads as well, except for the bath tub areas. The tiling is all grouted and ready to use.  The ceiling lights and external flood lights are all in and operational, as are the switches and power-points. The NBN data points are in as well. Heating vents are completed, and the control panel installed.

However, we all know that concerns and missed items are forefront to peoples minds and they need to be fixed. Luckily Dan (SS) is quite a calm and collected guy, because I can assure you that when we point out mistakes, I notice a lot, many that some people would glaze over or think we were being a bit nit picky.

But, it is our house, and they must be fixed. Here are the findings so far:

  1. The Laundry Door will be fixed (not replaced at this stage) and a new handle/lock installed
  2. The extra tiles we asked for to the en-suite shower area will be installed early next week
  3. The light spot next to the down-pipe on the garage unfortunately cannot be removed completely. This is due to the wire being active and connected to a switch. DAMN!
  4. The light that is off centre in the stack-stone pier will be realigned.
  5. All timber windows will be sealed and aluminum windows will have their seals checked
  6. Areas where the mortar has hairline cracks are apparently considered fairly normal, and unless they were quite thick, they don’t worry about them
  7. The protruding black sheeting along the walls will be cut back and hidden
  8. The uneven paint lines and blotchy paint work will be fixed over the coming weeks
  9. The poorly cut and installed cement sheeting to the eaves will be replaced, and the joins between each sheet (there are gaps) will be replaced
  10. The capping above the stack-stone pier will be a tricky one to fix due to the cedar cladding being cut to as close to the capping as possible. Not sure how thats gonna be fixed but Dan said that he would look into it
  11. There was also a new issue of the light switch to the en-suite walk in robe being positioned to close to the left wall, instead of next to the door frame. This will be fixed prior to our PCI

Lastly, with our PCI slated for May 25th, that means our handover date is still looking to be around the first week of June. Less than a month away potentially. SO EXCITED!!!! In the mean time, here are more pics at the bottom. Enjoy!


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