Day 108: Almost Complete…

Hi guys, I went to the house last friday, 17th May, to meet up with a concreter who is giving us a quote on our driveway. He is actually quite cheap. $45 m2 for basic concrete and $50 m2 for coloured.

In any case, as per usual, I did a walk around the house, it was very muddy due to having being raining for the two previous days. There are a few minimal changes, as it is close to the end, however, I did notice that the Timber window seals were completed, and the seal around the stack stone column was completed as well. As an added bonus, our front entry door had its handle installed too. 🙂

As the concreter was leaving, Dan (SS) turned up. So, I  had to go inside of course. Unfortunately, the flooring wasn’t laid as of yet, but that’s no big deal. But, the mirrors, bath tubs, sinks, taps, kitchen splash-back, range-hood were all in. And there were lots of little red dots spotted throughout. You may notice there are 3 A4 sheets of paper on the kitchen cabinets. They are associated with the red dots. A list of all workmen that need to return to fix things up. To top the day off, we received a very nice letter in the mail from our builder.


Woo hoo! Our final inspection date is set for Friday 31st May 2013. Which hopefully gives us a handover date between 7th and 14th June.

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