Day 115: Doored & Floored

We decided to do a Public Transport run to the house to gauge times. It’s actually quite an easy trip. Bit of walking, which is fine. But I have myself a new job starting in July closer to the home so I can drop off and pick up my husband at the train station.

In any case, we had to walk through the developing wetlands to reach the house. It is beautiful, and will only get better over time. There was already an array of birds swimming in the lake.

Reaching the house, the first thing we noticed was that our garage door was installed. It matches the facade perfectly.

We weren’t able to get inside the house, but by peaking through all windows we could see the floorboards were complete. And the carpet was in all rooms, but just needed to be finished off.

I get to go inside on Monday when the blinds guys go to measure windows. And then our Final Inspection on Friday.

Exciting times.

We will have photos in the next post for you all. 🙂

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