Day 117: Measured

Following on from the previous post, I had the pleasure of actually going inside the house on Monday. Firstly though, I had to take off my shoes (Should have worn slip-ons). There are warning signs at all the entries for people to remove their shoes, due to the floor just being laid. There is also a sign on the kitchen benchtop warning tradies to keep their tools off.

I had about 15 minutes to walk around and admire the additions of the floors (the carpet is being finished off today, Tuesday), the paint touchups (most of the red dots are gone).

The towel rails, toilet roll holder etc are all in place. The house is raring to go.

The final details of our blinds have been chosen, and the company has now measured all windows.

Our Final Inspection is this Friday 31st May with a representative from Henley named Tristan, not Dan (SS). Although, Dan confirmed our earlier concern about the capping above the stack stone would be fixed. Hopefully before the Final Inspection, but if not, before handover.

Any way. Till Friday, wish us the best. Enjoy the pics. There are 3 Panoramic Photos.

Photos 1 & 2 give you a 360 degree view of the main area of the house (Hallway, Study, Living, Dining and Kitchen)

Photo 3 is of the Master En-suite.



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