Day 121: Final Inspection Complete

Hey guys, so it’s been 4 months. And over that time there has been many highs, and many lows.

However, we are definitely in the final leg of this journey.

We went prepared with all our paperwork, the contract, colour selections, the inspection checklist, a sink plug and a phone charger.

On arriving at the house, we noticed that the door was open and someone walking about inside. It was our Pre handover guy, Tristan. We walked in, and noticed that the “builders clean” isn’t really a clean at all. Tristan suggested giving it a full clean after handover then another full clean once we have moved in.

He then started by going through paperwork stuff. Explaining how to organise the installation of appliances, people to contact if things go wrong, warranties on the build etc etc. He also said that until the appliances were in, and the hot water service and gas turned on, that we would have no heater or hot water. Lucky J is able to take time off to allow all the installations to happen over a couple of days.

We then inspected each room. Starting at the front of the house. As per usual, there are always things you will find that would need to be fixed. Uneven paintwork, dinted plaster, bubbled plaster, even our en-suite mirror was completely out of whack, oh, and the shower head was missing, no one really knows why. By the end of inspecting the internals, there really wasn’t that much too be fixed. Oh, and the bifold doors couldn’t be opened as they’d been rendered inoperable due to the back being to high off the ground.

We then moved to the garage where Tristan demonstrated how it works, even if there is a power outage. At one point, J tested it, and thought he’d broken it. Haha.

We then moved outside, did a slow walk around. There was a very long metal tube installed around the house perimeter, to guard against termites. But that had already been covered with dirt. We were just shown where the plastic caps were and told not to move or cover them. Apart from that, there weren’t many issues at all.

Our major issue with the outside was the location of the retaining wall, and the amount of dirt that had been dug out to accommodate it. It creeps over our boundary onto the next property. Tristan said we can remove around half of the scoria that is behind the retaining wall and fill it with dirt again. No big deal then.

We then made our way back into the house, had a final chat, found a couple more mistakes. Then Tristan told us it should be about a week to ten days before we do handover. And as long as we have our final payment ready by then, and we agree that the issues have been fixed, they can give us our keys there and then. OMG!

That means anywhere between June 7 and June 14 is when we officially become “Home-Owners”!

This has been a very good experience overall. Henley have been great to work with, their staff very keen to deliver a great standard of service, and our site supervisor Dan, made the whole experience much more enjoyable than we had imagined.

Now onto the final stretch! We will have the competed pictures available once handover is complete.

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One Response to Day 121: Final Inspection Complete

  1. Very exciting. I just checked out your milestones. It has been pretty quick. I think everything moves a bit slower in W.A. (including me)!

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