Day 127: Missed a Heartbeat

It’s been close to a week since our final inspection, and we hadn’t heard our expected handover date yet.

So, we asked.

The response almost gave me a heart attack. Handover was going to be on 14/7 (14th of July). My heart literally started pounding. In my head I was using as many curse words as possible.

That’s because our lease ends 27th June.

So, I thought it best to clarify. I texted, left a voicemail message, and then waited. All the while still swearing in my head. Then came the response. I didn’t really want to look though.

It basically said, hey sorry, it was supposed to say 14/6 (14th June) or 17/6 (17th June).

***PHEW*** was I relieved.

So, 8 days to go!!!!!!

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