Day 139: The Penultimate Day

Well, we have finally made it…. Handover day is tomorrow, Thursday 20th June 2013. Exactly 140 days since construction commenced. I still remember the first day we saw the land had been scrapped, how excited we both were, and still are. It certainly has been a very big journey, full of ups and downs and some twists and turns.

For the first time in my life, I’m actually looking forward to cleaning. *YIKES*

Deliveries and connections have all been arranged, although we have to survive the first couple of days with no heating, no gas or hot water. UH-OH!!!

Coming soon will be a photo edition of the whole construction process, from day 1 to the end.

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2 Responses to Day 139: The Penultimate Day

  1. Sam says:

    HI there..I have been reading your blog very closely. We are in process of finalising the same design Lexington Lux Q2 at Williams Landing. We are eagerly waiting for your complete photo edition. Would you be able to guide us on few tips and tricks to be careful before signing anything ? Are there any other things that surprised you compared to what you would have thought of initially ?

  2. spatel says:

    Hi !
    We are about to start building the same Lexington Lux Q2. Can you please help us on few questions ?
    1, When was your electrical appointment ? After Tender ? After Contract ? If after contract how do u make changes ?
    2, Did you hire independent inspector at any stage ? How did you manage to inspect house almost every week when they says we can only inspect at 5 different stage of house building. Did you just call and book your appointment with your SS whenever you wanted to visit ? Did he said no anytime ?
    3, How much was your site cost due to different slab structure ? I noticed you had some kind of trenching and pouring concrete in there before lying slab.

    I appreciate your help on this. Also, looking forward to photos of your new/6 month old home.


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