Hmm, about? About me (picture on left)? About him? About us? About every other thing? I have to confess, this is my first blog but definitely am no stranger to the world of blogging. My brother blogs a lot and he has accounts all over the place. My favorite is his blog at Nathanial Woo – Your Daily Dose of Fashion Pills.

Now, about me (Woo Woo) – I’m a nomad of the 21st century. No kidding. Just love moving around and have been doing so for the past 24 years. Now on to the blog. For many many many many (say “many many many many” really really really fast) years, I’ve contemplated of owning and maintaining a blog but have never really been able to decide on the content. It has also been almost 1.5 years since I owned a block of land at the tranquil estate of The Range at Croydon. Much research was done on home ownership prior to my move to the temperamental and spontaneous city of Melbourne – to say the least, the builders here design homes that would make you go “I want one of those!”. I’m sure you know where this is leading to and yes, I’ll be blogging about the exciting process of building our very own home in Croydon and among other things of course.

One thing to note; as much as we’ll be blogging mostly about the ups and downs during the building process, we’ll be blogging about every other thing that we can possibly blog about. In my case, it could be food, travels, music, life experiences and food. Oh, and did I mention food? BTW I Love Pho. In his case, I have no idea, Oh wait – Fried Chicken.

Now, when I say our, us or his it means J and I or just J. I’ll just leave it at that for you to find out who the mysterious J is. Have fun reading the blog as much as I’m gonna fun writing it. Comments, constructive criticism and compliments are most welcome.


4 Responses to About

  1. Ruby22 says:

    Hi Woo Woo, Congratulations on your choice with the Lexington! Its a stunner design! If you have any questions, let me know cos Ive recently built the Lexington. All the best with your build!!


    • micwoo7982 says:

      Hi Ruby22!!

      Thanks for leaving a comment, I was beginning to wonder if I’m the only one who chose this design as I was having a hard time looking for blogs on it. Also, thanks for sending me the link to your blog, it’s awesome and I agree with you, the Lexington design is indeed awesome. I do have a question, were you booked in for any electrical appointments? We’re planning to add a TV point and move the power outlets around in some rooms but it’s not mentioned anywhere in the planning document regarding this.

      Thanks and stay in touch


  2. Christian Masancay says:

    Hi Micwoo, I hope all is well – I’ve seen your Lexington and it’s looking great each passing day! Just wondering which suppliers you have reviewed and selected for your driveway, landscaping, painting and window blinds? We are currently in the process of finalising the paper work for our own Lexington and we are interested on getting some areas/portions of the home outsourced to other suppliers instead of Henley – any info will be highly appreciated.



    • AWBL1982 says:

      Hi Christian, things are going really well thanks and congrats on building the Lexington. are you in the same estate? Anyways, at the moment we have chosen the following

      Blinds – Interlux Designs (Tell them you were recommended and get more discounts)
      Painting – We’re only doing feature walls on our own (a friend of ours – we can recommend if you’re interested
      Decking – We’re contacting a friend of ours who’s a chippie to help out, they have not confirmed yet though
      Solar – Metro solar, we have some additional wiring done in the roof to enable easier installation of the solar panels after handover

      We have yet to decide on the driveway and landscaping. At this point we’re thinking of doing our own landscaping – gives ourselves a little project… 🙂

      Those are the only things that we’re doing ourselves – we have gone pretty much with almost everything that Henley has to offer and we’re finding them to be pretty good. One thing to note though, they would offer rebates at cost price however we are charged at RRP. I would recommend doing a bit of research on prices before taking anything out of the original design. If you’re doing structural changes – try to negotiate for free ones if they are minor.

      Hope that helps


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